• Reduce your Cost & IT Investments: Move to the Cloud with pay-per-use pricing and save costs.

  • Backup & Recovery: Automate cloud backup ensuring peace of mind over worries with on premise or off-site backups

  • Data Security: World standard encrypted communications and threat management/ mitigation practices, provides you with ability to prevent, detect, and respond to threats better than on premise infrastructure.

  • Availability/Reliability: With worldwide datacentre regions guaranteeing 99.95% up time, provides local redundancies with multiple copies of data & additional geo-redundancy option for more critical data.

  • Collaborate & Share information: Store your data on the cloud and allow your users to access them from anywhere, anytime and from any device, collaborate to work more efficiently.

  • Data Privacy & Transparency: You own and control your data, you can decide and control who can access your data.

  • Scalability: Scale up your cloud with Auto-Scaling as your business grows and your needs increase without worrying about your physical infrastructure and manpower.

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