• Maintain Student records-contact information & academic information.
  • Calculates and Generates Invoices for fees due for each class/student, helps to ensure that fees are collected on time.
  • Maintains each office/home unit’s Owner and Tenant contact information
  • Allows water meter readings to be entered, generates bills & statements for periods (monthly/2monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly) separately for owners and tenants
  • Allows you to track costs for facilities (swimming pool, gym, party halls, etc.)
  • Helps to maintain and classify products/drugs
  • Track them using re-order levels, analyse profitability
  • Generate statutory reports.
  • Issue ticketing/tour invoices & exchange orders
  • Track profitability for each Tour, Coach, and Guide.

Keep track of driver and vehicle details and generate police report for scrap metal purchases.

  • Adds the “Cost of Production” in P&L report
  • Provides separate Manufacturing a/c schedule

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