Our training is customised to your needs. We provide on-site and remote training for your end-users.

  • Basic Accounting Training
    • Accounts setup: Creating companies, using groups and ledgers, maintaining voucher types
    • Accounting voucher entry: Purchase voucher, Payments, Sales vouchers, Receipts, Journals
    • Accounting Reports: Voucher reports, ledger reports, outstanding reports, Statement of accounts, and final reports (Balance sheet, P&L, TB, Cash Flow)
  • Basic Inventory Training
    • Inventory Setup: Using stock groups, items, unit of measures
    • Inventory voucher entry: Sales and Purchase Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes, Physical Stock Verification
    • Inventory Reports: Stock ledgers, Stock summary
  • Advanced Accounting Training
    • Use of Cost Centres
    • Use of Cost Categories
    • Use of Multi-Currency
    • Use of Budgets
    • Using Filters in reports
  • Advanced Inventory Training
    • Use of alternate and chained Units
    • Using Locations
    • Using Purchase and sales order processing
    • Using Tracking numbers for Delivery note, Receipt Note and Rejections

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