Simple to use, Easy to learn

  • No accounting Codes, no Posting or Closing (no year-ending), no batches and no housekeeping !
  • No modules – seamlessly Integrated GL, A/R, A/P, Inventory, Sales/Procurement Management.
  • Easy to Learn, Setup & Use even by non-accountants & business owners.

Flexible for your needs

  • Flexible Periods. Flexible Chart of Accounts adaptable to any industry with multiple levels of grouping of accounts & stock items with chained UOMs. Compare reports for any period.
  • User Configurable, Extendable using add-ons and Customizable to your unique requirements.
  • Multi-task allows you to move from any screen to another and return to continue from where you left.

Powerful & Reliable

  • Unlimited number of Companies, Financial Years, account Groupings, & Cost/Profit Centres
  • Unlimited user definable Security groups with user Password Complete data Backup/Restore and Archival
  • All reports are RealTime & up-to-date as of the last entry, Drill Down or zoom in from reports to the source documents.
  • Keep your data on the Cloud or On-Premise, access Remotely or Synchronise data across different location/offices.
  • Tally has been “Malaysianised” with local formats for Statements, Bank recon, BS, P&L, Invoices, Receipt and others.
  • Concurrent MultiLingual capability: Use Tally in English or Bahasa Malaysia interface simultaneously, view reports and send invoices to your customers in different languages.
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Easy Accounts & Finance Management with Project/Job costing

  • Manage your Cash/Bank Manage your cheque books, print cheques, & reconcile bank accounts.
  • Create custom Voucher Types with user-defined numbering schemes. Print all vouchers from within Tally.
  • Track profitability of Divisions, Departments, Product lines, Projects, Salesmen using the flexible Cost/Profit centers; using multi-level hierarchical and parallel cost centers.
  • Maintain multiple Currencies, transact using currencies and exchange rates, Tally will reflect forex Gain/Losses automatically.
  • Manage your business effectively using User Configurable reports-Registers, Cash/Bank books, Group summary, Ledgers, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash/Funds Flow, Projections, Budget/Actuals, Ratios, and other reports.

Faster Receivables & Payables Management

  • Track Invoices and purchase bills and adjust receipts and payment against them partially or fully
  • Manage Credit Limits and credit Terms.
  • Regularly send Statement of Accounts with any post-dated cheque info, and Reminder Letters.
  • Keep close track of receivables & payables, Apply Ageing (using due date, bill date, month or day-wise) on summary or details.

Flexible Inventory Management

  • Integrate inventory with accounts or keep inventory information separate.
  • Maintain stock CodesPart Nos., multi-level stock Groupings.
  • User defined Units of measurements with the flexible alternate & chained units. Sell and purchase items using different UOM.
  • Apply standard Costing methods: Weighted Average, LIFO, FIFO, Std. Cost, Last Purchase cost, Zero Cost etc.
  • Manage Batches with Mfg. & ExpDates, view stock cards by batches, age stocks by batches. Use multiple BOMs for manufacturing.
  • Manage multi-level Locations, stocks on Consignment. Receive, Transfer & Dispatch stocks, reconcile balances.
  • Analyse Stock movementsAgeing, stock cards, stock queries, top buyers & sellers, consumption & Gross Profit analysis, landed cost calculations, job analysis, item costing & many other reports.

Simple Sales/Procurement with Order, Delivery & Invoicing Management

  • Maintain multiple Contacts, office & dispatch details of your customers/suppliers.
  • Manage Sales Orders from customers & issue Purchase Orders to suppliers, track pending orders and delivery dates. Manage Reorder Quantity & MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities) and track additional costs of purchase.
  • Track GRN (Goods Receipt Notes) against POs & DO (Delivery Orders) against SOs. Record Rejections In & Out.
  • Maintain multiple Price Levels with quantity-based discounts. Generate Tax invoices with Discounts, Actual/Billed/Zero valued Bonus Print POS Bill with multiple payment modes (Cash/Cheques/Credit Cards).
  • Analyse Pending Orders of Customers/Suppliers/Products, track Unbilled DOs or Undelivered View “Net Sellable” stocks.
  • Analyse item-wise, batch-wise & Invoice-wise profitability