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Tally Software Support Contract (Off-Site remote and On-Site)

  • Localisation Updates: Over the past 20 years, we have Localised Tally for Malaysian reporting, the contract allows you to avail all updates and new functionalities made available continuously.

  • Tally know-how: Over the past 20 years, we have built a vast database of various Tally implementations, methods and features that we have adapted for varied business needs of our customers in different industries. You can avail this information through our experienced Tally consultants.
  • Tally Localisation: We continuously enhance Tally with new localised features adding them seamlessly, while simplifying and improving existing features. Tally Annual Support Contract entails you to the Tally New Features-Mailers and you can opt to upgrade to the new Tally localisation versions at discounted prices. We will make sure that all your data is effortlessly transferred to the new upgraded version.

  • Tally refresher training: We also conduct additional Tally training due to staff turnover at our clients’ companies. The Tally Annual Support Contract entails you to the additional training at a higher priority and at discounted rates.

  • Capabilities & Knowledge base: Our Tally Consultants are accountants and software professionals with vast expertise and experience in knowledge of accounting requirements, business management needs and latest software technologies.

Tally Software Services Subscription

  • Tally Product Updates: Avail new product enhancements & major releases frequently. Ensure compatibility with the latest technology.
  • Banking Updates: Updates to changes and latest cheque formats, automatically reconcile your bank books with your downloaded bank statements.
  • Tally’s Remote Access & Data Synchronisation: Access and update your information remotely, synchronise your data at HQ with data from your locations.